Hip Surgery Experience – Week Thee

This week has been a roller coaster.

I made great progress, then a set back for a couple of days then great progress again.

Earlier this week, I was feeling good and feeling like I was improving faster then I thought and expected, I pushed with my exercises, I did more reps and walked farther. After all….I’m a bionic woman and nothin’s gonna stop me. Then that evening boom….pain set in and both hips were hurting.

I over did!

This should not have come as a surprise. I was told not to over do, but the doctor and the PA, PT nurses and my husband.  But I know better then any one, and I am going to push and show everyone that I’m a champ!!! Well…..that’s not what happened…quite the opposite…

I was schooled

I was so surprised, disappointed and feeling beat. Feeling like I don’t need pain killers, i tired to push through. Finally, after calm insistence by my husband, I took some assistance for my pain, had a good night sleep and felt a little better the next day. I learned my lesson:

listen to my body

The rest of the week was awesome because I slowed down, iced more, took minimum, pain assistance, and now I’m moving better then ever since my surgery.  I’m using the cane, but only as slight assistance, I can even walk without it.  Having learned my lesson (let’s just hope I did), I don’t want to push walking without assistance just yet.  Let’s get the regular PT started next week and I will listen to their guidance as to when I can walk unassisted.

Sometimes, we (I) don’t know better, sometimes we (I) need to listen to others who are there to make sure we make good decisions.

Be good to yourself…..


Hip Surgery Experience – Week Two

I can’t believe that it’s only been TWO weeks post surgery? It can’t be. It seems more like 2 months.

Ten days post surgery I had my first follow up with the PA.  He was impressed with my progress.  The bandage came off, and I can start walking on a cane as of today. I saw my PT yesterday and she trained me on the cane.

On Sunday I wanted to jump the gun and use the cane, figuring that it’s just one day difference, why not? Well, my husband had very strong objections to that and although I love his commitment to my best being, I hated him at that moment. Actually, I didn’t hate him, I hated the fact that he was right and I had to wait just a bit longer.

I gotta be patient

I used the above tag line last week, and I had to use it again, because it still applies to me today, this week and next.  It most likely will apply for a couple of more months.

Exercising is a must

I am able to move around much easier, am off all pain killers and don’t feel that I need them…..doing my exercises 2 times per day, have increased the reps from 10-15 3x each. Walking a block up and back 2 times per day.  As I was using my walker during this second week, I was wearing out the walkers tennis “shoes” almost daily.  That only means I’m progressing well.

Icing is the key

Every time I do an activity, or I feel a little tight, I ice and it helps so much.  Before surgery I purchased 2 “Gentle Fabric Cold Compress” packs by CVS Health.  These are the best.  I used them for my last hip surgery.  After getting home from the hospital, we quickly realized, that’s not enough and husband went out and purchase 4 more. 6 total, was the right number. For the first week, I was icing almost all the time, day and night, needing to always have at least one compress frozen at all times.

Great news…..

I have graduated to a cane!!! YAY!….and it feels so good.

One more thing….

Although I am getting better fairly quickly, I need to keep my body in check. I am the kind a person that will push the envelop just enough to hurt myself. I am happy to report that with age comes wisdom and I am aware of what my body can do at this moment and am actually listening to it.  I’m talking care of my body.

Be good to yourself…..


Hip Surgery Experience – Week one

Ok… I think I have forgotten everything that happened 4 yrs ago when I was recovering from my last total hip replacement surgery. Although my surgery is the less evasive type, the anterior approach, and it takes less recoverly time them other types, it does not mean, there’s no recovery time.

Today is WEEK 1 post surgery

….and I am already tired of this recovering process. I want to be back to normal already, but that’s not realistic.

I gotta be patient

My surgery was at noon on Tuesday and I went home at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening. That was fast. Thursday was a very good day. I ate breakfast, took a long nap, walked with my walker a bit, took a nap, had lunch, took a nap, exercised, took a nap. Then it started to get towards evening and that’s when it started going downhill.

I started feeling nauseous

The next two days were hard. Nauseousness took control and ruled over me. The anti nausea meds didn’t help much and I thought this misery will never end.

Sunday was very welcoming, nausea was almost completely gone and the misery was now tolerable. YEA!

Today I celebrate one week since surgery by making my own breakfast and bringing it with me along with my walker to my lounge chair. I still can’t sit with my legs down for more then just a few minutes. Walking with a walker and carrying a plate made me remember that we need to get tennis balls installed in the back of the walker legs so I can just push the walker.

Getting more independent in just one week is a fantastic progress

Hint, pushing the walker on a wooden or marbled floor leaves lines, and damages the floor. We had to redo the floor in our last house, lesson learned.

Hubby going to the store to pick up pre cut balls from CVS.

In home therapy arrives today ….


Hip Surgery Experience – Surgery Day May 8, 2018

Note: this blog stream is in hopes that my experience will help someone else know more about the process from a patience’s perspective.

We live about 30 mls from the Hospital. The day before surgery I was waiting for a phone call to let me my surgery time. I was hopping that I would not be the first on the schedule, because I would have to get up at 3 a.m. and I didn’t want to do that and was hopping for the later surgery. The call came in and my surgery was scheduled for 12:30. Awesome. The other great news is that I could drink water till 4 hrs before surgery. That was a big deal for me, because I drink throughout the night. No food after midnight was a piece of cake, since I don’t eat anything after about 7 p.m. anyway. So I was off to a great start.

Feeling calm, coo, and collected, we took off for the hospital.

The ride was comfortable and before I knew it, we were walking in. Besides the hip issue, I apparently also have fasciitis in my heal, making me walk slowly. I figured, with resting during the recovery time and getting some rehab, I’ll get healed from fasciitis at the same time. Sounds good to me.

Getting prepped for this surgery was different then when I had my right hip done back in Hawaii 4 yrs ago. One great thing, and something that put a smile on my face was that I didn’t have to wear those dreaded compression stockings I wore back in Hawaii. I was so happy when the nurse put on the lighter version and they only go to the knees. This was awesome! From then on I knew this was going to be a great surgery.

This time I wasn’t knocked out before going to the surgical room, I wasn’t loopy or out, I just had saline in the bag. As the nurse wheeled me to my next location, I saw the walk to the surgical room, surgical doors, and then when the doors opened and I saw the table where I would be laying, getting cut up and fixed up. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit frightening, but then I quickly turned away towards the nurse who was already giving me instructions for my spinal. Just then I started to feel “happy” things going through my veins. My last memory was holding the pillow by my chest and the nurse holding me for the best position for the spinal.

“Wiggle your toes for me” was the next thing I heard. I was in the recovery room and that was Miguel, my recovery nurse. He was absolutely awesome. It was obvious that he loved his job and that this was the perfect career for him. He was genuinely caring and loving, and I let him know how much I appreciated his care.

I made it to my room, where my husband was waiting for me. Within 5 hrs of my surgery, I was up and walking. This time I didn’t feel nauseous, I attribute the great progress may be due to a low level anesthesia.

Veronica was my nurse till 11 and she was happy and bubbly as can be. We may even become friends outside of the hospital.

End of day one……

Hip Surgery Experience – Day Before….


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Here we go again….. time for the bionic left hip

The time has finally come for the replacement of my left hip. Back in Aug 2017 I started looking for an Orthopedic dr. here in CA, who uses the anterior approach to the total hip replacement surgery. It took me till Jan of 2018 to find Dr. Hartford, thanks to Dr. Nakasone and his former PA, who is a good friend of mine. Their recommendation led me to the top Ortho doc in the area.

My surgery date is May 8, 2018.

I have been looking forward to this surgery for months now. Well, looking forward is not exactly what you think, it’s more like looking forward to the recovery and full mobility once again. Let me reframe this….I’m not looking forward to the pain, but to the final goal, final outcome for a more freeing movement. Sometimes, we have to go through some pain in order to become our better selves.

Today is the day before, so I’m getting everything ready, all laundry done, ironing my husbands shirts for work, organizing the home for my mobility after coming home, getting bills paid etc.

Preparation is the key, but also keeping myself busy is vital to my self-preservation.

……more later

be good to yourself


Spring is here….


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“Spring… time to get rejuvenated” 

Japanes Garden Chery Blossoms


My winters of the past….

I have lived in places with a lot of snow…I have lived in the tropics where there’s basically one season all year around…I have been freezing in the winter, wearing earmuffs and mittens, boots and coats…I have been on the beach swimming in the ocean with tropical breezes caressing my face….experiencing various winters of my lifetime.


Now that I live in a state with a mild climate, I am experiencing the welcoming joy of spring. I haven’t realized how much I missed spring time.

The winter was a time to rest, to reflect and restore my mind.

Spring time is for renewal, rebuilding, setting new goals and moving forward.

Spring is here…

Rejuvenate with a smile and keep moving……

Just Around the Corner…


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A New Opportunity is just around the corner

Take a peak

There are days and times in our lives that an opportunity seems to be just around the corner.

How many times, out of fear of failure, did you and I miss an opportunity for a great new career move, personal growth or a relationship.

“Learn from taking a peak around the corner of lifes’ opportunities” 

Just around the corner is not a guarantee that it’s all going to be hunky dory….. sometimes, just around the corner turns out to be scary.  Those are the times when we learn how to deal with various obstacles which prepare us for the next corner.  Each corner that we take prepares us to better deal with the next one and the corner after that.

It’s just around the corner….if you don’t look, you will never know what’s around the bend.

Keep being curious!

Hip Surgery Experience – Take TWO


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Here we go again…..

In July it will be 4 years since I first wrote about my hip replacement experience.  During this time I am very happy to say that my right hip is performing flawlessly.  I am so glad I did not wait even longer to get it replaced with a titanium hip.

Now it’s time for the left one to be replaced.  Apparently I was born with hip dysplasia plus giving birth to two children, my hips have deteriorated faster then someone who was born with healthy hips.

Since we are no longer living in Hawaii and it’s not wise to go back to have Dr. Nakasone perform this one too, I had to search for the right doctor for my left hip.  Not everyone in CA does the less evasive, anterior approach to hip replacement surgery.  Therefore, I had to interview 3 different surgeons and in the end I chose the one that Dr. Nakasone recommended, Dr. Hartford from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Now it’s time for me to take his Preoperative Total Joint Class prior to starting the preparation process, prior to the surgery.  I have gone through all of this already but after 4 years it is good to do it again and hear Dr. Hartfords methods.

Now, I’m off to the class….

……more later





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Japanese Garden Training the Tree

Keep Training

Yea, some of us bristle when we just hear the word “training”. To us as adults it represents hrs in meeting rooms trying to learn something new.  For others it is endless hrs at the gym training for who knows what. For others it is a systematic change of attitude, life style, outlook at oneself or life etc…

Trining is important and necessary throughout our lives. We start with training when we are born, and it doesn’t end. It shouldn’t end.

“Training builds character”

When I was at our local Japanese Garden, Hakone I met and talked to one of their groundskeepers.  He has been working there for over 20 yrs tending to all of the trees.  He hand trims them each, no matter how small or young or how tall or old they are. His job is to train the tree to grow outward. Besides his careful trimming of needles that are not growing in the right direction, he uses a bamboo stick to train the branches to grow outward, moving the sticks to different areas once that particular branch has learned to grow outward.  (notice the red error pointing to the bamboo stick) This tree has been going through training all of it’s life.

That is the same with us humans…. our training keeps getting adjusted for ultimate growth. We continue looking outward and stretching our arms out to help one another grow. If we don’t…..we will just keep growing straight up only thinking of ourselves. Keep training!