In order to prepare for this major surgery I am going through a couple of new routines that I never had to do before.  Maybe it’s because I have never had a total hip replacement done before.

“The Dr. wants you to be squeaky clean” said one of the nurses during the pre-op lengthy appointment at the hospital where my surgery will be taking place.  Arriving at 8:00 a.m.  for my pre op appointment, we were ushered into a small meeting room that looked like it served as a lunch room for the office staff.  There were 6 of us.  In front of each seat was a folder “Straub Clinic & Hospital” I opened it, and looked inside and so did everyone else.  There were 3 men and 3 women.  No one said a word for a few minutes but it seemed much longer to me.  Someone from the office staff packed his head throughout one of the 2 open doors to the room and let us know that a Physical Therapist will be the first one to speak to us.  Since I can’t be just a spectator, I started a dialogue with those in the room with me, and found out, these people would be my “colleagues” on the day of my/our surgery.  There are 2 hips, 1 hip reconstruction/fix up from another doctor’s mess up, 1 double knee and 2 single knee surgeries.  We are now connected and we start sharing information.  I find out that I’m the youngest in the group, and I feel one with these people.

The first presenter comes in and he is one of the Physical Therapists (PT) that will be working with one of us, or all of us he was not sure.  Ok, I though, at least someone will be there to get me out of bed and walk.  His name is David and he tells us that we will be on the 5th floor, in a private room with a nice view.  Then he said “you will be asked to start walking the same day of  your surgery….. Monday afternoon”.  WHAT??? But I want to rest… I want to be pampered…. catered too….  He moves on and ignores my thoughts….. NOPE no pampering here…..So, I start listening again.  He continues…. “As soon as we are in out of recovery and in our own private rooms, AND wake up, David or his comrades will be in the room to get us up and walking.  But not to worry, they will provide us with our very own WALKER!!  Mine better be bejeweled and full of my Paper Fancies flowers.  🙂

The second person was a Nurse that went into the extra body cleansing, nose cleansing, paper work etc.  Sometimes my mind wandered a bit, watching my colleagues reaction to all the news.  They looked like me, bewildered, some worried, with so much information and some not listening.

After that we were all to wait in the room till we got called in one by one to see our Physician’s Assistant (PA), then the Dr., then the Nurse again, then off to see another Nurse, then the Anesthesiologist, then off to the drug store to pick up our extra cleaning supplies and THEN we can leave.

There was so much information that I went home with my bag of my cleaning supplies and drove home resolved to remember it all and to make sure I filled out my Advance Health Care Directive Form.

I am now “squeaky clean”.  After 6 days of using the special cleansing soap/liquid on my body and a cream in my nose since the Pre-Op day, I am ready for the Dr. to do his skilled work and get me a new me.