Monday Afternoon

The next thing I knew, I woke up and heard a lot of talking and a couple of ladies above me walking around saying things that I no longer remember, or may have not even heard, who knows. I was just coming out of my deep sleep.  I think what I said next was “are you my surgical nurses”?  Or I could of said anything really, I don’t remember much, but I know I said something.  The ladies did let me know that I was now in the recovery room and that everything went very well.  I tried to remember everything, but as you can see here, that didn’t happen.


Lunch Time


While I was in surgery, my daughter and husband went out for lunch at Mariposa.  I encouraged them to go out somewhere nice and enjoy a great lunch.  There was nothing they could do for me just waiting in the waiting room, so mine as well enjoy them selves….. and that they did.  Mariposa is one of our favorite places to go and they were able to get a last unreserved table located outside, just where they wanted to be.  PERFECT!

Soon I was in my own private room feeling sleepy and going back and front from waking up to sleeping.


Wide Awake

Sleeping without notice

Sleeping without notice

Soon I had visitors, well Melissa and Greg came and I was very happy to see them as they we me.  Since I was going in an out of sleep, they went home to take care of the doggies and would be back within a couple of hrs.

When they returned, they brought one of my Paper Fancies bouquets for me to enjoy.  I was very happy to see them and my flowers.

Flowers are so refreshing, even my Paper flowers

Flowers are so refreshing, even my Paper flowers


I had yet another visitor, Dianne the Physical Therapist.  She was there to get me out of bed and walking.  I’ve been out of surgery for about 3 hrs. and now I’m supposed to walk??  She brought a walker to the edge of the bed, asked me to tuck my good foot under my other leg and lift if off to help it down to the floor.  I was told that would be the way to get off a bed or out of a chair.  I stood up leaned on the walker, walked one step forward and started feeling queasy.  I let Dianne know and she made me go backwards sit down on the bed and handed me a puke bag.  Soon thereafter, I filled the bag about quarter fool and was feeling much better.  Despite of a small set back, this was progress…  I walked a couple of steps just a few hrs. after surgery.  That’s amazing.

The day was a success.