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Monday Morning

After not eating from midnight on, I was showered and ready to leave for the hospital about 15 min. earlier then planned on.  I wanted to get there, get started and get it done.  There was no need to wait, to postpone, to dilly dally around, it was time to get it done and get it done NOW. Upon arriving at the Admin office all the paper work got done quickly and efficiently and we were escorted to the 2nd floor, where the operating rooms were located.

I picked up the black phone pressed the “sac” button, the one of the two buttons, let them know my name, and that I was here.  No sooner had I sat down with my daughter and husband, someone came out to usher me in.  He pronounced my first name Nada with an “a” like in “appearance” and I would hear that throughout the day.  Sometimes I would correct them, and sometimes I would not, depending on if I was going to see them again or not.  As I walked into the prep room, I saw many beds with open curtains, and I think only one was closed, with the nurses walking around all busy.  As I walked in to the area, I suddenly and even to my surprise, announced  with a happy face and a jubilant voice, almost singing “I’m here!!! Let’s do this”  I was greeted with woot woot, raised hands, clapping and “yay, she’s here” sounds, it changed the whole atmosphere in the entire room. I was ushered into the cubby to my prep bed and I sat on it.  Soon, the nurse who responded to my welcome the loudest, came in to pre me.  I am so sad that I did get his name, he was great.  He told me that happy disposition set the tone for the rest of the day.  My nurse was fantastic, I learned about his family, he learned who was here with me and who wasn’t able to come, he took care of me with extra care and was amazing.




My daughter and husband were ushered in just before I was taken into the surgery room.     Kenny, the PA came in, marked my leg, so they don’t replace the good hip instead of the bad one.  I told him that I would like to have art work on my surgical leg, every one can draw or sign on my leg all they want.  (well that didn’t happen, I got only a couple of small marks that I couldn’t make out what they were, but I digress….)

The anesthesiologist came and asked if I wanted to be aware of what was going on in the surgery.  I laughed and said “you kidding…. I don’t want to know anything, I don’t want to hear you guys talking, or cutting …. nothing!!”  He said “are you sure”?  I responded with a definite “yup, I’m sure”.  “Ok, then we will give you enough sedatives so you are responsive enough for your spinal, then you will be asleep and won’t know anything”.  “That sound good to me doc”.  He left and my trusty nurse said that it was time to give me the first “knockout” meds, time to kiss everyone and I’ll soon be off to la la land.  He gave me the shot, left the room and we took pictures, laughed, and my husband said “you’re as high as a kite”  “No I’m not, I’m fine” I replied feeling good.  “yup you are I can see it in your eyes”  I took my iPhone and took a picture trying to see my drugged out eyes.  (you see, I have never taken any street drugs in my life so I don’t know what that feeling is like, or what my eyes should look like).

Here are my eyes at that moment, I guess I was high.


Flying High


Ready for anything


See you later


All hooked up


And off I go……

The nurse came to take me, I kissed my daughter and husband and they started wheeling me out of the room.

The rest is wiped out from my memory…. I have no idea what happened between wheeling me into the operating room and wheeling me into the recovery room.  No memory at all……