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It’s hard to believe that I just had major surgery about 48 hrs before and now I’m going home.

Dianne, my Physical Therapist came to the room about 10:00 to walk me down the hall way and show me how to go up and down the stairs, for my ONE small step into the home.  Walking down to the end of the hall and back was quite tiring and starting to feel nauseous.  That means the walk was long enough.  I was glad to be back in bed resting.

Dre, my Occupational Therapist came in before noon to show me how to use the tub/shower.  The day before she came in to show me how to use the toilet without help.  I have to remember to scoot my operated leg out and that makes all the difference.  There was a line for the tub demonstration, and because I just recently came back from my long hallway walk, Dre wheeled me to the tub demo in this chair.  I was chauffeured.  🙂 (FYI, all precaution was taken not to capture the other patients, and the staff was asked for permission, which was granted)

Going for my tub demo


waiting in line for the tub demo

waiting in line for the tub demo

For the duration of my hospital stay I wasn’t able to eat very mush.  For some reason I was put on the “regular” diet.  And that does not mean high fiber, more like the normal diet.  The first tray that came with mashed potatoes, some kinda beef and veggies and butter etc. I opened it and felt nauseous, but took a couple of bites of the potatoes and a couple of veggies.  I realized this was not going to work, I had no apatite.  The nurse came in about that time and let her know that I can’t eat the “regular” diet to change it to something more mild.  She let me know that they have beef, chicken or veggie broth and some crackers at their station.  That sounded the best.  She took the food tray away and brought the broth and crackers to me.  That was perfect.  I sipped on the cup of broth and chewed a bits of crackers for the next few hours.  That was on Monday evening, the day of the surgery.  On Tuesday, breakfast came in and it was again the “regular” diet, rice, Portuguese sausage and cheese and eggs.  Ugg…. I had a couple of bites of rice and called the nurse for more broth and crackers and a I asked for a milder lunch.  Broth and crackers were good again and lunch came in with a burger etc.  Grrr.  Again, broth and crackers… my fave nurse got the kitchen to bring some creamed soup.   The mushroom soup was quite good for Tuesday dinner, so I ordered it again for Wed. lunch.


Cream of mushrooms, crackers and fruit

By 10:00 a.m. I was ready to go home and at 1:00 after all the paperwork, nurse and PA visit, it was time to say good bye to everyone and head on home 48 hours after surgery.  Amazing.