It’s 4th of July and I’m already tired of all of this, I’m ready for it all to be over. I want to be mobile with out restrictions, to go without my new appendage (my walker), but NO!!  that’s not going to happen for a little while longer.

Being at home is great…..Arriving home process on the other hand is a different story…..

Getting to the car from the hospital bed was a little hard.  I must have been one of his first patients to wheel down to the round driveway.  I’m not able to bend my leg well, and that’s just what he expected of me to sit in the wheel chair.  It hurt sitting and by the time we got to the elevator, I thought that I need the foot rest a bit lower to relieve the pain, so I asked him to lower it. He had a hard time making the adjustment, making me realize that he didn’t know what he was doing.  I thought, this will be over soon, I can take it for a short time.  We got to the driveway and I was to stay there and wait for Greg to get the car and come around.  I realized that sitting like this is not going to work.  I thought, hey, how do people with a cast sit in these….I pictured a person like that in my head, seeing the leg rest is extended it so the leg goes out straight…. YES, that’s what I needed too.  So, I asked my wheelchair driver to do that for me.  He didn’t know how and was messing with it for a while, expecting me to dangle my leg down without support.  BTW, he did ask me what I had done back in the hospital room, so it’s not like he had no idea what I needed.  He finally got the leg rest up, well, sort of, and left me there alone.  He said that the valet guys would help me get in the car when it arrives.  Wow!! that was the first time I was left alone to wait for the car pick up, at the other hospital they waited with me till the car came and helped me into the car.  So I sat there alone, in the wheel chair, uncomfortable and not able to do anything about it and there was no one to help me.  It took Greg a long time to get to me, because the exit from the hospital garage is on the opposite side of the driveway and he had to drive around the block through traffic and finally get to me.  Once he got there, I got in the car and found out that I had a kink in my back from the uncomfortable wheel chair.  Sitting in the car seat wasn’t the best either, but it was better than in the wheel chair. I could recline the seat all the way back and rest more comfortably.

Finally I was home, the kink in my back was going in and out and ended going a way quickly.  🙂

I was welcomed by my little doggies and got in bed to rest.  Checking out

of the hospital is exhausting.

Welcome home kisses

Welcome home kisses


Ahhhh, Mommy’s tummy rubs are the best











It’s so good to take a shower…. the tub training from Dre, my Occupational Therapist came in very handy.  Ahhhhhh, I feel so good.

Shower time

Shower time

Time to put on the "ninja" stockings

Time to put on the “ninja” stocking











The surgical stockings are to help prevent blood cloths… but they are hot and can hurt in places where they bunch up, thus making it important to stretch them up.  One needs to be strong to put on these sox, they are so tight that one should be well buff before putting them on.  hahaha

Dinner at home includes my food partner.

Fruit and Popcorn never tasted so good

The recovery has started and will continue for a while…. more in the next post.