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My recovery is moving right along.  Most of my body feels 100% back to normal, except for my hip area.  I’m not laying in bed feeling sick, rather, I have to keep myself from doing too much to keep from aggravating the hip.  I need to remember that my body needs rest from the surgery and that my new hip needs time to heal. This morning after I got up, I went into the kitchen to make coffee, like I normally do.  I needed to keep some normality intact.  At times I feel like I can just walk without help, but then just as I think I would try to walk without holding onto anything, in a split second, I realize that’s not going to work and I keep my hands on my trusty new appendage, my walker.  I made coffee by using the counter top to hang on to and move from the coffee pot to the sink, which is about a foot away. I am very excited to see my custom designed pouch for my walker.  A theater costume designer from Boston, Kimmerie H.O. Jones, is creating a special pouch to carry my iPad, iPhone, glasses, ear buds, of other things with me from one sitting place to another.  She is in Hawaii on a 3 month contract to create costumes for the play Spamalot that will be performed at the Hawaii Diamond Head Theater between July and Aug of this year.  I hope to be well enough to go to the play.  This pouch is only temporary till the real one is created.

temporary pouch

temporary pouch

Today I sit on my lanai in my favorite oversize deck chair with a large ottoman


Our mango tree is bearing fruit and my husband came in with our first ripe mango. It was very delicious, sweet and fresh 



 Home food is the best



My constant companions assisting to speed the healing process