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Not too much different to report today…..

  • sitting in the same spot
  • wearing the same restriction hose
  • walking for exercise
  • taking pain killers (although not as often now)  and other stuff as prescribed, nothing more nothing less.

My husband doesn’t like to leave me alone, but needed to go to the store and get some groceries.  He comes up to me and before he gives me a kiss he tells me that while he is out:

There are only 3 rules:

1. no falling, because you won’t be able to get up

2. carry your iPhone with you, cause if something would happen, like falling you can call me

3. no walking outside

Isn’t that sweet. 🙂

Tonight’s dinner delivered on a “platter”.  I wanted a potato with some tomatoes, some plain yogurt and oh, maybe an avocado if had one.  Got it all….. perfect.

Dinner: just like I like it!

Dinner: just like I like it!

Monday:  Physical Therapy starts.