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Today is Physical Therapy day.  This is my first appointment and I can only assume there will be lot’s assessing to see what I can do, do it, then repeat it all at home till Wed., my next session.

I have tried to figure out what to wear for my first session.  I pretty sure I HAVE to wear the dreaded stockings AND one of my work out long and loose pants.  I haven’t worn these in such a long time, I hope the elastic is still good.  ;-).  Then do I wear tennis shoes?  But why, I’m not going to be on a tread mill…. that much I know.  I can’t wear my slippers (if you are not from Hawaii, you wouldn’t understand and I don’t mean house slippers either) that’s not stable enough, or maybe it is, but my dreaded stockings don’t have the slit for my toes to go between.  So you see?? Do you understand my problem?  I won’t know what to do until I need to get dressed.  I’ll let you know later.

Now it’s time for some coffee.  🙂

I'm stylin' now.... look at the slippers.  :-)

I’m stylin’ now…. look at the slippers. 🙂

In front of Straub Clinic

In front of Straub Clinic

The first therapy appointment went well.  My therapist Catherine did an assessment on me and gave me some exercises to do, so that’s 1 and 23 more times to go.  I’m looking forward to seeing the improvement every day.  I decided to wear my slippers and it was the right choice for therapy, but NOT for fashion.  🙂

I have 6 exercises to do 2x per day:

  • side leg raises (only the surgery leg for now)
  • knee raises
  • Hip Adduction: squeezing the knees together 
  • Hip Abductor: spreading the knees apart
  • Hamstring: stretching the back of the leg
  • Knee to Chest stretch 

After the therapy: lunch was ready for me.  I love my life.  🙂

Home made Chicken Salad

Home made Chicken Salad

I thought I’d be tired and need to take a nap, but no…. I’m ready to “party”…. well, maybe not party, but at least keep going.

My “party” feeling didn’t last long.  After lunch it was time for a nap.

It’s interesting how change of my lifestyle affects how I feel.  After waking up from my nap, I completed all of my exercises and soon there after, I just got angry, pissed off, fed up and all the above.  I was short with my sweet husband and short with myself.  When I confronted him with why am I feeling like this all of a sudden, he just said “you are tired, take another nap” So sweet even though I was bitchy.

….feeling much better now.