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This is what I do now:

  • get up
  • make coffee and potter around the kitchen by hanging on to the counter tops with my extra appendage (my walker) always at arm’s length.
  • sit and rest: checking emails, reading, FB
  • eat what my husband prepares: always delicious and somehow, it’s just what I wanted.  (spooookeeeeyyy)
  • exercise: pulling, stretching, lifting.  I think I can kind of feel my new hip. It feel as if there’s something that actually fits well in there.  Bending and stretching feels very different than before the surgery.  I can already tell the difference and it feel so much better.  Now the pain is different and this pain will go away.  I am able to stand straighter but still painful and not without assistance.
  • sit and rest: emails, FB, blogging, TV
  • move around: walk to and from  the bathroom just to do something different than above 🙂
  • sit and rest
  • repeat

That’s about it!!

Last night before I went to bed, I started to cry, I couldn’t decide if I should lay flat or propped up on pillows.  My husband asked me what’s wrong? I said that I thought I would be rid of my extra appendage (the walker) by now.  He looked at me, smiled and said “so what universe do you think you are living in”?  I said “my own”.  he gave me a big hug and somehow things weren’t so bad.  As I got into bed, he looks at me and tilts his eyes and head up quickly and I knew right away, no words needed.  I pulled up my dreaded tight stockings from right under my knee to over my knee.



Means freedom.  The dreaded sox are getting washed.  “oh what a relief it is” it feel so great to be free.


Today I went into my office/studio for the first time and created a flower, my Paper Fancies Facebook flower.  I need to do that today to keep myself from going crazy.

 A mini rose