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It’s therapy day today, my second one.  I hope this one goes a bit better than the first one.  Even though the first session was more of an assessment, I thought we could have done a bit more of exercising or massaging.  I’ll get back from my session this morning and will be hurting….I’m sure of that.

I decided not taking pain meds before the session today. I want to see how my body really feels without any help. I took only ONE pain-killer yesterday, which is less than the day before and less than the day before that.  So I’m getting off the pain meds, slowly.

When I got up this morning, I was startled by a sound of something falling in the pool in our back yard.  We have two little Pomeranians who know where the pool is, but have fallen in just a couple of times in the past.  No one has fallen in the last 2 yrs.  So when I heard the plop, I started to listen for the doggie paddling sounds and not hearing any I immediately thought, one of them fell in and has not come up for air and is drowning.

I think it would be good to mention now that we have a very large mango tree that some of the branches hover of the pool and that the tree is starting to have mangos now.

Just as I was thinking dooms day for one of my doggies, the thought of a mango falling in the pool did enter my mind.  My husband is sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him to go and scout the pool for what would either be a dead doggie or a fresh ripe mango.  He is working overtime on his job and taking care of me that when ever he can sleep in I’m very happy.

I go to the door to our backyard, and I see both doggies waiting by the closed sliding door to be let in.  Ahhhh, he got up to let them out earlier that morning and they are OK.  I go to find out what fell in the pool and sure enough it was a fresh new mango at the bottom of the deep end.  I wish that I could go and fish it out with the pool net, but I can’t manage my extra appendage (my walker) AND the long polled pool net, so I let it go for my hubby to get later.

My plants are needing watering.  Yes, my husband can do it, but as I mentioned earlier, he is already doing so much.  I know it’s a risk for me to drag the hose around with my walker and water my many potted plans, but I must…. I just must!  I have realized one thing through out this last week:  I cannot rush anything.  That is so opposite of me, but I must listen to my body.

So I make my way to the water faucet and turned the hose on, and slowly make my way to all the plants.  I’m feeling quite accomplished this morning and I haven’t even had a cup of coffee.

I sit down to take  a little rest, for my leg, not that I’m that tired…. never mind that I’m winded already.  🙂

Coffee time and small b-fast time…. Taking back my coffee cup to the table…. and YES I can sit at a table, I’m so happy… not for long, but this is a great start, and it takes skill, and I got it, I haven’t spilled coffee yet carrying it as well as hanging on to my walker.  Then I have to go back to the kitchen to get a bowl of some random stuff I made.  It’s in a bowl, because it’s easier to carry then a plate as well as push my walker.

Now if I could just teach my doggies to help me take off my dreaded stockings so I can shower.  🙂


A little later:

My Physical Therapy session went well.  Note to self: next time take a pain-killer before the session.

Today I got on the stationary bike.  WHAT??  on a bike already…. I sat on the bike and, this is me…. I started pedaling right away, not waiting to get the instructions.  Before I could make one rotation I realized, that’s NOT gonna happen.  I looked at my PT and she said “ah, you are not going to make a full rotation, I just want you to rock back and forth”.  Oh, OK that’s better.  It sure would help if I would wait for instructions before just jumping in.  Rocking wasn’t so bad, if I didn’t have to keep my knee straight with my hip.  You see, my knee want’s to just go due-west towards my other knee and that’s not good.  I guess focusing would be great at this point.

The next new exercise was the leg presses.  I have done these before when I was working out in an actual gym, and I know that I need to keep my legs parallel and push with my heals yada yada yada.  To my surprise, I asked and listen to her instructions before I lunged forward.  (patting myself on the back).  Keeping my knee from going due-west towards my other knee was my main focus and it’s harder to do then you would think.

By the time I was done with the session, I was tired. It was great to get home, pop a pain-killer and slap on the ice on my hip.  Ahhhhh. time to relax.

Lunch was delivered and life is once again fantastic.

Now to work out again tonight.  Yes, I gotta do these 2 times a day.

Wednesday: A day out with a friend to get my nails done.

First time on the bike

First time on the bike

Ice and, fruit blend and pain killer after therapy

Ice and, fruit blend and pain-killer after therapy

Lunch made to order

Lunch made to order