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It’s another Therapy day and I have realized that this recovery to total freedom independency is going to take longer then I imagined.  Sometimes it’s disheartening, but then I realize that this is something that I need in order to slow down, to learn to be patient and to learn to take things in stride.

Just because I can’t drive or walk without help, that doesn’t mean I can’t do other things.  (I keep telling my self …. maybe I’ll believe it soon).

I am always on the go.  I have my Paper Fancies projects, home to take care of, a couple of non-profits and organizations that I belong to and volunteer on boards  (just finished a two year presidency with one) and my hobbies, like taking care of my outdoor flowers, organizing our dinner and game nights, baking and cooking when the need arrises, etc.

Now that I am not as mobile as before surgery, I need to allow myself to slow down in order for my body to heal. My only job now is to focus on healing.

Off to Physical Therapy, let’s see what she has in mind for me today.



Wow!!  What a great PT session.  I am so surprised at the progress that I have made in just 2 days since the last PT session.  This morning I went from thinking, this is going to take soooo long to recover to I made so much progress this is going so well, a healthy change of mind this afternoon.

I can stretch and bend my leg so much better then just 2 days ago.  I did leg presses and increased it by 20 lbs I got on the stationary bike and was very surprised that I was able to make a full rotation and biked for 5 min without much pain.  Amazing progress.  I am so very happy today.

Now’s time to ice my hip and relax for a bit before I go and make another flower for my therapy basket.

Tomorrow: Dinner out

First time with full rotation = great progress

First time with full rotation = great progress


new flowers for my therapy basket

new flowers for my therapy basket

I continue to make 1-2 flowers each day as long as I have PT.  Once done, I will create a flower basket, calling it “the therapy basket”.