I got up this morning feeling better than yesterday. I can swing my leg out off bed without help of my good leg, and that is marvelous. I am not leaning heavily on the walker either and am now walking by stepping more firmly with my bionic leg. The progress that I’m making is absolutely amazing and it’s so quick I can see improvements daily.  I know that the other day I was thinking this is never going to end, but even though this is a long duration process, being able to actually see great progress from day-to-day is putting a smile on my face.

It’s the weekend and I not sure what I wanted to do today, maybe take a ride and stop by the Blow Hole or the Sandy Beach, but then everyone else will be doing the same thing, so maybe scratch this idea for now and go on the weekday when everybody is working and the roads are clearer and the vista points are not as crowded.

My pain level is down and at its worst is at about three (on a scale of 1-10) and down to zero at its best, that’s the best feeling. Ahhhhh, the old pain is gone and the new one is diminishing.  Can’t ask for anything more.  (isn’t there a song or a commercial with this tagline…. but I digress)

My surgeon is Dr. Nakasone and he is absolutely amazing. He is so busy that the wait for him to perform surgery is a minimum of one year. I’m so fortunate to have only had a six-month wait, it was most likely the severity of my arthritic hip that help me get in sooner.  He teaches his technique all over the world.  His staff is also amazing his PAs are fantastic.

I woke up first this morning and am sitting on my lanai in one of my favorite deck chairs reading.  I have made coffee, yes I’m that mobile, and I figured out how to carry my coffee cup and push my walker.  Talented, aren’t I? :-). …. My husband wakes up and goes to find me for our morning kiss.  He looks in my office and I’m not there, and he thinks: “that car better be in the garage”.  He comes outside and finds me enjoying my coffee and reading.  He is feeling relieved and tells me know that it wouldn’t be past me to think “hey I feel great, I’m going to the store”. I laughed so hard and said ” you’d be happy to know that I’m actually listening to my body” to which her replies: “aha, for a change”. I’m so glad this man knows me so well.

It’s exercise time.  I have 9 exercises to do (there are two more that are not pictured) and it takes me about 45 min. to do them.  When I was working out with a trainer, and I have worked with a couple of different ones, each one said the same thing: “slow down, there’s no rush”.  I decided to listen to my body and to my trainers, yes for a change.  🙂

Twice a day

Twice a day