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I am graduating my self today to a cane!!  

Since my PT won’t graduate me to a cane I will do it myself….. thank you very much.

Saw the Dr., rather the PA (physicians assistant) yesterday.  He gave me one good news and one not so good.

Good News:

“Who deciders when I am ready to switch over to a cane”?  I asked

“You are” he answered

Woooooohooooo, let’s get it….. NOW!!

Not so good News:

“When can I get rid of these dreaded stockings”?  I asked

“in 4 more weeks”  he answered

“But I’m moving around quite a bit, and you let an older patient then myself off of them by the 4th week after surgery, and you re telling me that even thought I’m young, and in excellent health I have to wear these for a total of 6 weeks”?

“Ok, you must wear them at night, and when you are not moving”

“Ok, I’ll take that”

Today we are getting me a cane, actually 2 canes, one just a regular one and one with 4 little “legs”. I don’t’ know which one I’ll like, so am getting both to check it out.

Yesterday wore me out totally.  I can’t believe that just being out for about 4 hrs. wore me out like I was hiking for 4 hrs.

I guess having a PT session, then going to the Dr’s office, walking from the drop of place to the elevator, then down a long hallway to his office, then back…. going to pick up our new car, sitting down waiting for that, sitting in the car and waiting to get our lunch….. is very tiring 2 weeks after surgery.

Today: PT exercises, and trying out the Wii Fit, the balancing exercises.