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Woke up feeling worse than yesterday, and feeling rather discouraged.  You see, I am thinking that every day I will see a remarkable improvement from the day before. Well, I was educated today and shown that that’s not so.

My physical therapist today Abe, was fantastic and I will be seeing him from now on.  As if he knew just how I was feeling, he let me know that some days will be worse than others.  He said that on the days that I feel great, I need to make sure I don’t over due, and on the days that I don’t feel good, I need to push myself to do more.

  • walk around 1-2 min. often throughout the day (doing that already)
  • massage the operated thigh several times a day (am getting one of those “ball” thinggy)
  • use ice after walking, working out, massages (doing that already)
  • doing 5 min. of exercises at a time throughout out the day (doing that already)
  • listen to my body (sometimes I listen, other times, I don’t)

Doc, actually the PA said I can take the dreaded stockings off when I’m moving and exercising.  So, I took them off for the PT session today.  It felt good to not have them on, I felt FREE and Abe agreed.  I can do that for the next 4 weeks. …. wearing them “as needed” and always at night.

The recovery continues and it will for about 6 months at the minimum to allow for maximum bone growth and complete healing.  Oh well….. as long as I can start driving soon, walking my doggies and walking for exercise, I’m good!!

Now, I just need to get a pedi.