I am so glad that I canceled my original surgery scheduled for Jan 8, 2014 with Dr. So’n’so.

As I was letting my colleagues know that I would not be available for work a couple of months after the surgery, I would hear this question: “who is doing your surgery, Dr. Nakasone”? I would answer “no, Dr. So’n’so is doing it”  and they would come back with “never heard of him”  I would hear this question over and over and I would answer the same way and get the same response “never heard of him”.

This was happening about 30 days before the originally scheduled surgery date.  I started to wonder who this Dr. Nakasone guy was and that maybe I should go see him for a second opinion.  This notion got stronger and stronger until I could no longer ignore it.

About the middle of December 2013, I called Dr. Nakasone’s office and found out that he did not have an opening for a consultation until April, 2014.  WHAT??? I told them my predicament, that I have surgery scheduled within a couple of weeks or so and am in pain, and need this done ASAP etc. etc.  (I now know why such  long wait)  I asked for an appointment, but wasn’t given one until the Dr. had a chance to see my medical records and decide if I’m good candidate.  Wow, I want to give them business, and they don’t want it on my terms.  I went along with it and provided them with all the information re: where my records were and was told to wait for a phone call re: an appointment.

It took about 2-3 weeks to get a call back from Dr. Nakasone’s office.  I was given one date  late March.  I asked if they had another date to choose from and I was told it would be in Oct.  HUH??  “I’ll take the one in March”  I said and moved things around on my calendar.  This guy must be very good, I thought.

Meanwhile, I canceled my Jan, 2014 surgery and got some meds to keep me going until I see the new Dr.

The date for my appointment came, my consultation went very well, I was impressed with the Dr. and right there and then we scheduled the surgery for June 30, 2014.

I have since learned that (to my knowledge) Dr. Nakasone is the only dr. in Hawaii that does the hip surgery using the new anterior approach.  Some of the patients wait a year or more to get a surgery date.  Dr. Nakasone is meticulous about precision. He uses a special $150K surgical table that just for the hip surgeries.  He spent 1 year in training for this type of surgery, and now he trains others all over the US.  I learned that Drs from Japan come to watch him perform this surgery and to get training from him.

Just some differences between the old and the new:


  • the cut is on the side of the hip, closer to the buttocks area, more muscle is cut in order to get to the seal to break it and insert the new hip.  Thus the recovery time is much longer and much more painful
  • no showers for 3 weeks
  • higher risk for re-injury
  • using a walker for 4 months or longer
  • can never ever cross your legs again
  • do not bend body more them 90º ever
  • cannot get out of bed by bending down
  • have to sleep with a contraption between your legs, so you don’t cross your legs at night


  • the cut is in the front, allowing for a small area of the seal to be broken, thus healing is quicker
  • no muscles are cut, only moved to the side during surgery then back into position post
  • incision can be glued shut, no need for stitches
  • can shower right away
  • lower risk of re-injury (just don’t fall)
  • can cross legs any way I wan’t
  • can bend any way I want
  • using a walker about 2-3 weeks
  • able to walk on own within 30-40 days.

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I switched doctors and that I listened and payed attention to myself.  There is one person in particular that has had a great influence on me in making this decision and you know who you are…. thank you EC.

Hearing and learning more about the difficulties of the old way of doing it, makes me cringe that I almost went in that direction.

After I made the decision to go with Dr. Nakasone, no one ever asked me the question the same way again.  Proof that I made the right decision.

Listen to yourself and pay attention, it will never lead you astray.

Now still need a pedi 🙂