It is so awesome to be able to sleep on my side and without pain.  AMAZING!

It’s so funny how little things make a big difference.

At the PT #6 Abe, wanted me to do leg raises.  So I tried and WOW, that was hard and painful.  Doing 5 of them and only 2 sets was an accomplishment.  By Sat. afternoon, about 24 hrs. later, I could do 8 or 10 of them without as much struggle as the first 5 the day before.  TODAY, I can do 10-15 without much struggle and with control.  That’s less than a week later.  I am so amazing with my progress that I can’t help smiling all day.

One thing that I would have done more before the surgery was to do more of these exercises and strengthen my muscles in preparation for the PT.  The Dr. said to do it, a good friend that went through this same surgery said to do it.  I tried doing it, but was in so much pain that I wasn’t able to do too many and I gave up.  Even without doing much exercises before hand, I’m making great progress.

Handy scar tissue breaker

Handy scar tissue breaker

The scar tissue needs to be continually broken up, so we got this “cellulite eraser” to work as the scar tissue breaker-upper.  I don’t know how well it works at getting rid of my cellulite, but I think it works great for the scar tissue.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up with NO cellulite on one part of my one leg.  hahaha

My most favorite ice cream or gelato is Hazelnut!  I don’t eat ice-cream unless it’s hazelnut.  When walking into an ice cream parlor, if they don’t have hazelnut, I don’t get anything.  So, when my hubby came home yesterday he brought me a surprise.  WOW!!! It was delicious.  (I did save 1/2 for another time, but it was very hard to put it down and take it to the freezer, and pry it out of my hands.  haha)

My reward

My reward

At PT today, my therapist told me to “save myself from myself”.  Sometimes I along with other’s like me will push ourselves too far, thus possibilities of causing set backs. That IS me, so I will keep this in mind and will save myself from myself.

Must keep in mind that although I can walk quite well without help, I still need to remember that my muscles and are not back to their normal self and more important, that the bone around the new hip has not taken over, it hasn’t grown around the new hip just yet.  That will take about 4-6 months.  So, I still need to take it easy.

Mani and Pedi on Thursday!  FINALLY!