Field trip day


It was great to be out today with a good friend.  Last time she picked me up it was 2 weeks ago, I was using a walker and could only be out for 1 hr.

Today we were out for 3 hrs. and I carried my cane for when I might needed it, but did not use it much. We both got pedis and manis done, then went out to lunch.  That was enough for one day out.

One important thing I need to remember:

I have just gotten the biggest bone/ball in my body replaced.  It takes 4 months for the bone to generate itself around this new ball. That means I won’t be 100% stable until this area fully regenerates itself with the new bone surface.

So…. take it easy!

I have heard stories of people who went back to work too early, got injured and are worse of than before.

Just because I feel about 70% normal, that does not mean I can resume my regular schedule.  That means I need to listen to my body and as my PT said: “save yourself from yourself”.  I am listening to my body now and am listening to my wise caregiver/husband, am taking it easy, resting and icing and massaging the scar tissue area.

Walking now is much easier, but I am carrying my cane with me just as a percussion.  What if I fell, slipped on something and didn’t have a cane to prevent me from falling?  Now days, there’s no reason to rush, I take my time walking, OK…. I’m not walking like Tim Conway, but moving at a great speed for 23 days since surgery.

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