I took our doggies for a walk yesterday for the first time since surgery.  We have 2 miniature Pomeranians, (they are each about 4 lbs) who love to go for walks.  Instead of taking both of them at the same time, I took one first then the other.  I only went up our street and back then repeated it with the other doggie.  I was paying close attention to my new hip and having my cane in one hand and a sweet little doggie in the other, I felt confident.  Everything went well, until the last 1/4 of the way back down the block with the second doggie.  He name is Pua and she started to slow down and start looking back at me as if wondering if I needed help.  She is a dog that likes to walk me, pulling ahead and wanting to run like crazy.  Because she is so little and with a bit of a pull back with a leash she does slow down, for a bit, so there was never a danger of her pulling me down.  Her slowing down like that and looking back just when I was thinking, “oh oh, my hip is telling me this is enough”, shows me that she was able to sense that something wasn’t right about mommy.

We made it back just fine, I put my leg up and started to feel a bit of an overall dull pain, feeling the muscles being tired, so I iced it down real good, took a pin killer and enjoyed the evening.

I keep taking my PT’s advice.

“save yourself, from yourself”

….. don’t push too hard or I’ll fall behind

Today is another PT day and I’ll get the scar tissue worked on, massaged, and will do it again…. leg up, iced.

My therapist told me that walking my doggies was a great start and that the hurt that I was feeling last night and this morning was from walking too much without assistance, thus leaning too much on the operated leg.  OK,  back to the cane for longer strolls, can be cane-free for just a short stroll.

My Next Field Trip coming up on Monday….