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If I need to have a hip replacement done on my left leg a well, it’s going to be in the winter time and I’m moving somewhere cold.

Well, I won’t be moving to a cold part of the country, but will work on it being in the winter time.

One of Dr. Nakasone’s PA’s (Lindsay) told me even way before the surgery date, is that most people find wearing the “dreaded” stockings to be the worse part of this procedure.  I thought that’s strange, but OK.

She came to visit me after surgery and was mentioning the stockings again, and I just said, “oh, I don’t mind them, they are not bad”.  Mind you that was just a few days after the surgery and I was still on my “happy pills”.  Well, I would like to retract that now…… I DON’T LIKE THEM ANY MORE.  She was absolutely right, wearing them IS the worse thing about this surgery.

If wearing the stockings is the worse thing, then you know this surgical procedure and recovery is not that horrendous.  

OK, the stockings are not THAT bad, it’s just that living in the tropics, where it is always warm, wearing heavy stockings is not fun.  But…. they serve a great purpose.  They are preventing me from getting a blood cloth and dying on the spot.  So, taking that into consideration, they are not so “dreaded” after all are they?  I now wear them and don’t complain (much).

Now that I have had them off for a couple of hr.  it’s time to put them back on, turn on the fan and let them do their work.

Recovery is awesome, really it is. 🙂

Now to do my exercises and on to making a few of my Paper Fancies flowers.