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Take advantage of down time and recovery, it will do your mind and body good.

I am the kind a person that will rush things, want to get things done NOW.  That’s how my mom is and I guess that’s me too.

With that thinking, I could do more damage to myself than good.  So, now that I am a little older and “wiser” I have started listening to the people around me from family to medical staff to friends.  They all say:

“take it easy”


“don’t rush it”

You know….. they have a point.  There’s a large foreign object in my body, one that helps me bend and walk, and sit, my shiny new hip.  The muscles around the hip bone were stretched to the side for the first time in their existence.  There’s also this rod inserted, somehow, into my leg bone and who know what else the great Dr. Nakasone had to do in order to make me better than before surgery.  There are internal stitches, there’s bone growth, there’s the settling of the new shiny hip that is finding its new home and getting all comfy in there.

WOW!  With all that going on, I better take it easy and let all of this “marinate”, “gel”, settle and grow together into itself without me hindering it by doing too much.

The work can wait, the house cleaning can wait (till my cleaning lady comes) the parties can be postponed, meetings with work and/or organizations can be done via visual phone calls if needed, planting new stuff in my back yard can wait a bit longer, hiking trails will be there when I’m totally ready.

So, I’ll take it easy and relax and I will not rush it.

“honey, can you please bring me the ice packs”

…… I can get used to this…..