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I am told that my “speedy” recovery is not typical, but than again, I am not your typical hip replacement patient.  Most are in their 70’s or 80’s and I am in my 50’s.  My age works in my favor, my bones are still in great shape, my muscles are in good condition, and having had the minimally evasive anterior type of surgery all are working together for such quick recovery.  Other people recover at different pace, and those that have the same type of surgery as I did, recover much quicker then with the old version of cutting from the side and breaking the hip seal from the back.

It pays to stay in shape (I’m not the best candidate for that, but I keep working on it), to keep moving during recovery, to do the exercises according to your physical therapist, to allow your body to go through the healing process, and to have a positive attitude.

I still ice after an activity, drink a lot of water, do activities outside and listen to my body.

ONE important thing to remember:  the bone that used to hold and be around the old hip, needs time to grow around the new one.  Give it time to grow, at least 4 months.  There’s a higher chance of injury during this bone regrowth time, so take it easy.

How do I feel?  Fantastic!!  I feel a little stiff when getting up to walk after sitting down for a while, but that soon goes away and I have NO pain.  NO running, NO jumping but walking is good.

I drove our car for the first time yesterday and my new hip didn’t mind it at all.

Listen to your body, listen to those around you and your recovery time will be a great success too.

I am now walking my two little doggies for the second day in a row, all the way around the block…. and it feels great!  and NO cane….. free as a bird.

Next:  New Hair….. I think I’m going to go blond.  🙂