Today, I really want to be at 100% RIGHT NOW, POOF, just like that….. just make it happen.

BUT…. that’s not happening.

SO…. I have a great support group that gives me pep talks when I need them and today was one of those days.  I’m not depressed, or sad, or down…. just wanna be back to my original self.

OH, WAIT!!! back to my WHICH original SELF?

The one just before the surgery?

OH NOOOO, not that one.  I was in too much pain, could not wear a shoe with any kind of a heal.  Was in pain ALL the time, couldn’t sleep well, couldn’t exercise, couldn’t sit without pain or walk like a lady… NO, not that one.

The one before my hip started to deteriorate?

YES that ONE!!!  Oh, wait, that started 10 yrs. ago.  What was I like then?  I was on the go, all the time…. walking, exercising, working out with a trainer, pushing myself, wearing heals (haha) sleeping like a baby, dating and having a blast…. NO PAIN.

THAT’S THE ONE!  I wanna go back 10 yrs.

I can go back there again and I KNOW I can do it.  BUT….. I have to be patient and give my body, my new shinning hip, a chance to heal properly, so I can be myself from 10 yrs ago.  Who said you can’t go back???  I’ll show them…..

Next: Walking for 20 min.  (I have already walked for 10, then 15 and now to make it 20)