“Wow, I’m walking at a normal speed”

I took our doggies for a walk this morning and the first thing I noticed was that my stride was longer, stronger and faster.  Wow, I’m so impressed with the changes that my body is going through, and all good and positive.  This is the first day that I felt this strong to walk.  I was walking OK yesterday, but today is 100% better.  Awesome!

The recovery continues and I can expect that from now on, it will be less dramatic, but going steady towards a full and complete recovery.

My 6 Week Check up

I had my 6 week check up with Kenny, Dr. Nakasone’s PA and the first question I asked him was “Can I start wearing heals”?  Yup!! THAT was the important question that I had for him.  He smiled and said “you can start now, start with 2″ and don’t go too high after that” to which I replied “no worries, I’m way passed the stiletto heals” we both laughed….. well, I laughed, he just chuckled.

Me: “What type of a new shiny hip did I get” (yup, that’s the question that I ask now and not before the surgery)

Kenny: “Titanium”

Me: “When I’m traveling, will I set off the alarm at the airport security check point”?

Kenny: “Probably not, but if you do, just let them know you have a brand new hip, you’ll get scanned over it and that’s all”

Kenny: “Can I see your incision?…… that looks great…. you can go swimming now”

Me: “already did” (sly smile)

Me: “may I have a copy of my X-ray? My new hip looks so cool”

Kenny: “sure, I’ll print it out for you

And with that, we finished the appointment and I will see him (or Lindsay, the other PA) again in 6 weeks for a 3 month check up.

Only 77 days until the bone growth is complete around my new shiny hip.

P.S. do you want to see a picture of my new shiny hip?