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“you’re one of only 2 other people that can do that”

That’s what my Physical Therapist said to me.  Yup, I can stand on the bosu ball with weights and do small squats.  When I used to work out with a trainer, mind you that was a few years back, I loved the bosu ball.  I would balance on it, with bunch of weights, do squats (OK, those are not my favs, but I did them) stand on one leg and who knows what else I did.  I can see now that I can do that again and have a blast working out. ….. again.

You asked and here’s a picture of my brand new shiny hip.  I see that I will need to get a matching one soon.  Bring it….. I can do this no sweat.  But I WILL wait for when it gets cooler to do it….. remember the dreaded stockings?  😉


My Brand New Shiny Hip

And the recovery continues…….

Next: concurring the 10K steps a day without overdoing it.