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“you are walking so much better, and your surgery was when?”

In 12 days the bone growth should be complete and my new shiny titanium hip will be surrounded by my own bone.  Yes, I set a date on the reminder ap on my iPhone so I can keep track of my progress.  Now, mind you, this duration is not guaranteed, it takes 4-6 months or longer for the bone to grow and regenerate itself, but as you have learned to know me (through this blog or in person) I look for the shortest time and focus on the quickest progress.

At my 3 month check up the PA scolded me a bit.  I proudly told him that I can now walk 10K steps per day and can walk about 2 mls on my morning walk.  He looked at me and said “at one time, without stopping”?  I proudly answered “yes” then realized oh oh, this may not be a good thing.

Kenny: you should be doing that at 6 months and you are only at 3 months.  It would be better for you to walk 1/2 ml and rest then another 1/2 mile instead of all at one time.  Or, walk your 2 miles then rest the next day or two.

Me:  really?

Kenny: are you icing?

Me: no

Kenny: you need to ice especially after a long walk.

Me: OK (kind of feeling shame, but secretly proud of my progress)

Kenny: you are making a fantastic progress, just don’t want you to overdue

Me: got it, will walk with my new hip in mind and ice

Kenny:  good (with a nod and a smile)

Well, I tired slowing down as Kenny suggested, and it’s not working for me, so today, I again walked abut 2.5 miles.  I did take his advise and iced the hip after the long walk before continuing my daily routine.  BTW, Kenny did say that if I did walk 2 mls (oh, I forgot to mention that I lied to him and said only 2 mls when it was really 2.5) I should do a different routine or even rest the next day.  So, that’s what I will do, rest a bit tomorrow.

The other thing that I forgot about, just because I feel so normal and pain free is that I need to continue to massage the area to avoid scar tissue.  So, I’m on it again with my little hand massage spiky thing.

“We don’t fix your swag, we fix your pain” 

Yes, the surgery cannot fix our brain memory of how we walk, so it is unto me to keep in touch with how I walk, and keep correcting it until my brain has a new memory for my swag.

This is my last blog about my recovery from my hip surgery.  Thank you for following my progress.

Now on to other subjects ….. next blog…. Bean Soup Recipe… with pictures.