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I have been and always will be a mom to two wonderful now grown children.

I have never been a grandparent, a parent to my children’s children.  Isn’t that what grandparent means?  Taking care of your children’s children and making sure they turn out right.

I am NOW a grandparent.  She has finally entered this wonderful world.  I am very happy for her, and kind of scared for her.  There are a lot of crazy things happening on this planet, but then there are also many wonderful things going on.

She has wonderful parents, they care for each other, for the environment and for others.  (We, moms to each of them, have raised them to be great loving people) That alone should be enough to keep me feeling good about her upbringing.  Right?  You would think so.  But NO!

Let me clarify that….. I am kind of a control freak.  To my defense, I have gotten much better as I’ve matured, but still have those control issues.  So, now as a parent to my children’s children, I feel that I need to make sure they are raising my GBG (grand baby girl) correctly.

This is insane!!!!!  On one hand, I claimed that her mom and dad are raised well and are wonderfully adjusted adults, and on the other hand I want to control how they raise my GBG.  Crazy …. right?

Yes, it is crazy….but as a parent to my children’s children doesn’t that give me the right to make sure they do it right? NOPE!

After all… they’ve never done this before.  How would they know what to do?

Hmmmm…. thinking here….then I hear this coming from deep within me (well, actually it’s my husband, but we won’t tell him that) “you knew what to do, you raised your children and you did a great job”

Ahhhh, yes…… feeling more relaxed now….

The only thing that I need to do is spoil my sweet GBG.  OK, I can do that and do it very well.  Now, let’s go and see this precious GBG, ’cause I’m ready to spoil her.