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“Wait till you hold your first grand baby, you will fall in love”

“After you hold her, you won’t want to come home”

“You will love her more than you love your own children”

My GBG (Grand Baby Girl) has arrived.  She is a beautiful little girl, perfect in every way.

When we arrived 6 days after she was born, I was eagerly anticipating the “falling in love” feeling as soon as I held her. So when I sat down, stretched out  my arms and my son handed his beautiful daughter to me, I looked at her as she was sleeping unaware of being held by anyone, much less her Grandma, and….I didn’t feel any different.  I was waiting for this overwhelming abundance of emotion….but it never came.

I smiled as I looked at her, filled with gratitude for this sweet little precious life.  I loved holding her, loved looking at her, smelling her baby smell, kissing her forehead, and seeing her eyes open for the first time.  Wow, she has beautiful big eyes.  I could hold her for hours remembering how I used to hold her dad when he was that little.  Oh, but wait…. she is 6.12 lb and he was born at 9.3 lb.  Yes, he was a big baby from the start.

After our first visit, I was talking to my husband and my daughter and a couple of my already grandma friends, about the lack of my “falling in love” with this sweet little child.

“What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I feel this overwhelming feeling? Am I a cold person?”  I was genuinely feeling scared and confused and frankly worried.

My already grandma friends let me know that they felt the same way.  The hype about falling in love immediately and having a hard time leaving the baby is somewhat a myth.  As the baby grows and we spend more time together, the “falling in love” does happen.  My already grandma friends and I agree that the hype of “falling in love” and “just can’t leave the child” feeling is overrated and that more new grandma’s feel the way I do, just don’t want to admit it.  This does not mean that we don’t love our GBs, we do, just not the way we were made to believe we would love.  Granted, there are those ladies that grab onto their new grand babies and have a hard time letting go…but I am not qualified to discuss those issues.

I’m looking at the calendar and booking my flight to see my new GBG in a month or two.  Who knows if this will be the “falling in love” visit…. I have a feeling it just might happen.

Meet my GBG Olivia

Meet my GBG Olivia