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I love change. Sometimes, I just have to move some furniture around, even if it’s just one chair turned to a slightly different angle. Somehow, that makes me feel good, energized, refreshed and new, and then I feel like I can accomplish anything. Change can be that powerful. I can’t explain it other then the fact that I don’t like things to be sedentary, everything must move and change.

Sometimes change like this works wonders and sometimes it backfires.

I have this thing about my hair.  I feel like I need to change it up all the time….and for a few years, I have actually had pretty much the same hair, at least a very similar hair coloring.  I thought this was good, I was getting comfortable with the style and color, feeling good about myself, and was feeling good about my hair.

Then BAM!! It hits me…. I NEED TO CHANGE MY HAIR! And there was no stopping me.  I was totally convinced and loved the idea, loved the new possibilities and I even rationalized it and I believed it!

My Rationale 

#1. My hair is too damaged from all the bleaching, let’s start over again and cut it short


sometimes too much of a change ends up being uncomfortable 

#2. I am now a grandma and should look like one (OK, I don’t think I ever bought into that rationale, but there it is)images-3

or what we make ourselves think the change is all about

#3. If I’m gonna do this, I will go to another hair dresser, maybe someone that doesn’t charge as much as some people pay for their monthly electrical bills (those without solar)


and sometimes it’s the worst mistake at the moment, not be repeated again.  you get what you pay for

Let me continue to be open and honest here……

…..I have the same hair color, the same cut (basically) as my 91 yr old mom, and I am nowhere close to that age.

Make the change you need to make, then sit back and get used to it…. or make another change….keep it rolling till you feel good, energized, refreshed and new.

Enjoy the refreshing change as long as it lasts…. until the next BAM comes along.