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On my walk today I listened to the Invisibilia Podcast.  The topic was about each of us having a family with different frame of references. How those references affect our adult lives.

When my kids would complain about having to walk to school while living in a tropical climate, I remind them that…

“I had to walk to school in snow, uphill both ways, with very thin boots, was not allowed to wear pants, but had to wear a dress.  Even though I had a coat and some thin gloves, the cold air would ride up my dress and I’d get to school with frozen thighs”

My mom who was a teen during WWII would complain to me that her granddaughter has more than one coat for winter.

“Why does she need more than one coat?  You can’t wear two or three at a time, there’s no need to have more than ONE”

It’s a perception that we carry through out our lives.  Things could be worse, and they were for some of us, and they actually are for some others.  Sometimes, we can’t see it because we had it worse and this “little” struggle that the next person is going through.

The thing is, what appears to us as this “little” struggle, is a huge hurdle for another person that has not had the same reference point as you or I have.

I grew up in a small room with only 3 usable walls and ONE window.  Yes, EVERYTHING was in ONE room.  So when my mom wonders why we need to have 3 or 4 bedroom house when a couple would do, I get the reference point.


Be Good to Yourself