I have been intrigued by photography for many years.

Japanese Garden walk way

“Go Around”

Not until a few years back, when I realized that my artistic creativity goes beyond music, that’s when I realized that I can also incorporate my creativity into photography.

Taking photos of people, getting them to enjoy being photographed is a challenge that I enjoy taking….always with great success.

Soon, I started seeing things through my eye as if it was a camera lens.  Ideas started popping up and natural photography took a new path. I started seeing life lessons in the way nature moved, developed, grew and blossomed.

The other day I took a trip to a Japanese garden and started shooting.  I came upon this path way and as I looked through to the end of the path, I spotted a tree and a large rock. The first thing that I though of was a lesson I want to share with you.

When you are traveling through life and there is something or someone in your way of completing your task or getting to your goal, just go around the obstacle, you are not a tree, YOU CAN MOVE.