Japanese Garden steps and door

Secret Door

Whats behind closed doors?

Every door we open, every step we take, every decision we make is a risk we take.

Although the door in this picture looks gloomy and unsure, there’s the ray of sunlight that brings a ray of hope with it.

“Every door brings a new opportunity”

Even when entering your home, office, friends home, etc…. you have a choice of how you enter it, how you relate to those behind the door that may great you.

  • Chose to be happy = you feel awesome thus spreading your attitude to all others in the room
  • Chose to be accepting of others = brings joy to you and all others
  • Chose to be successful = be proud
  • Chose to love = you will beam with joy encouraging others to love
  • Chose to be grumpy = be alone and isolated because you make it hard to be around you
  • Chose to fail = by not working towards success you are choosing to fail
  • Chose to hate = become miserable and alone

Take opening every door as a new opportunity to bring a smile, to be a better person, to love and accept the gifts the other side of the door offers.