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Japanese Garden Training the Tree

Keep Training

Yea, some of us bristle when we just hear the word “training”. To us as adults it represents hrs in meeting rooms trying to learn something new.  For others it is endless hrs at the gym training for who knows what. For others it is a systematic change of attitude, life style, outlook at oneself or life etc…

Trining is important and necessary throughout our lives. We start with training when we are born, and it doesn’t end. It shouldn’t end.

“Training builds character”

When I was at our local Japanese Garden, Hakone I met and talked to one of their groundskeepers.  He has been working there for over 20 yrs tending to all of the trees.  He hand trims them each, no matter how small or young or how tall or old they are. His job is to train the tree to grow outward. Besides his careful trimming of needles that are not growing in the right direction, he uses a bamboo stick to train the branches to grow outward, moving the sticks to different areas once that particular branch has learned to grow outward.  (notice the red error pointing to the bamboo stick) This tree has been going through training all of it’s life.

That is the same with us humans…. our training keeps getting adjusted for ultimate growth. We continue looking outward and stretching our arms out to help one another grow. If we don’t…..we will just keep growing straight up only thinking of ourselves. Keep training!