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Here we go again…..

In July it will be 4 years since I first wrote about my hip replacement experience.  During this time I am very happy to say that my right hip is performing flawlessly.  I am so glad I did not wait even longer to get it replaced with a titanium hip.

Now it’s time for the left one to be replaced.  Apparently I was born with hip dysplasia plus giving birth to two children, my hips have deteriorated faster then someone who was born with healthy hips.

Since we are no longer living in Hawaii and it’s not wise to go back to have Dr. Nakasone perform this one too, I had to search for the right doctor for my left hip.  Not everyone in CA does the less evasive, anterior approach to hip replacement surgery.  Therefore, I had to interview 3 different surgeons and in the end I chose the one that Dr. Nakasone recommended, Dr. Hartford from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Now it’s time for me to take his Preoperative Total Joint Class prior to starting the preparation process, prior to the surgery.  I have gone through all of this already but after 4 years it is good to do it again and hear Dr. Hartfords methods.

Now, I’m off to the class….

……more later