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Here we go again….. time for the bionic left hip

The time has finally come for the replacement of my left hip. Back in Aug 2017 I started looking for an Orthopedic dr. here in CA, who uses the anterior approach to the total hip replacement surgery. It took me till Jan of 2018 to find Dr. Hartford, thanks to Dr. Nakasone and his former PA, who is a good friend of mine. Their recommendation led me to the top Ortho doc in the area.

My surgery date is May 8, 2018.

I have been looking forward to this surgery for months now. Well, looking forward is not exactly what you think, it’s more like looking forward to the recovery and full mobility once again. Let me reframe this….I’m not looking forward to the pain, but to the final goal, final outcome for a more freeing movement. Sometimes, we have to go through some pain in order to become our better selves.

Today is the day before, so I’m getting everything ready, all laundry done, ironing my husbands shirts for work, organizing the home for my mobility after coming home, getting bills paid etc.

Preparation is the key, but also keeping myself busy is vital to my self-preservation.

……more later

be good to yourself