Note: this blog stream is in hopes that my experience will help someone else know more about the process from a patience’s perspective.

We live about 30 mls from the Hospital. The day before surgery I was waiting for a phone call to let me my surgery time. I was hopping that I would not be the first on the schedule, because I would have to get up at 3 a.m. and I didn’t want to do that and was hopping for the later surgery. The call came in and my surgery was scheduled for 12:30. Awesome. The other great news is that I could drink water till 4 hrs before surgery. That was a big deal for me, because I drink throughout the night. No food after midnight was a piece of cake, since I don’t eat anything after about 7 p.m. anyway. So I was off to a great start.

Feeling calm, coo, and collected, we took off for the hospital.

The ride was comfortable and before I knew it, we were walking in. Besides the hip issue, I apparently also have fasciitis in my heal, making me walk slowly. I figured, with resting during the recovery time and getting some rehab, I’ll get healed from fasciitis at the same time. Sounds good to me.

Getting prepped for this surgery was different then when I had my right hip done back in Hawaii 4 yrs ago. One great thing, and something that put a smile on my face was that I didn’t have to wear those dreaded compression stockings I wore back in Hawaii. I was so happy when the nurse put on the lighter version and they only go to the knees. This was awesome! From then on I knew this was going to be a great surgery.

This time I wasn’t knocked out before going to the surgical room, I wasn’t loopy or out, I just had saline in the bag. As the nurse wheeled me to my next location, I saw the walk to the surgical room, surgical doors, and then when the doors opened and I saw the table where I would be laying, getting cut up and fixed up. I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit frightening, but then I quickly turned away towards the nurse who was already giving me instructions for my spinal. Just then I started to feel “happy” things going through my veins. My last memory was holding the pillow by my chest and the nurse holding me for the best position for the spinal.

“Wiggle your toes for me” was the next thing I heard. I was in the recovery room and that was Miguel, my recovery nurse. He was absolutely awesome. It was obvious that he loved his job and that this was the perfect career for him. He was genuinely caring and loving, and I let him know how much I appreciated his care.

I made it to my room, where my husband was waiting for me. Within 5 hrs of my surgery, I was up and walking. This time I didn’t feel nauseous, I attribute the great progress may be due to a low level anesthesia.

Veronica was my nurse till 11 and she was happy and bubbly as can be. We may even become friends outside of the hospital.

End of day one……