Ok… I think I have forgotten everything that happened 4 yrs ago when I was recovering from my last total hip replacement surgery. Although my surgery is the less evasive type, the anterior approach, and it takes less recoverly time them other types, it does not mean, there’s no recovery time.

Today is WEEK 1 post surgery

….and I am already tired of this recovering process. I want to be back to normal already, but that’s not realistic.

I gotta be patient

My surgery was at noon on Tuesday and I went home at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening. That was fast. Thursday was a very good day. I ate breakfast, took a long nap, walked with my walker a bit, took a nap, had lunch, took a nap, exercised, took a nap. Then it started to get towards evening and that’s when it started going downhill.

I started feeling nauseous

The next two days were hard. Nauseousness took control and ruled over me. The anti nausea meds didn’t help much and I thought this misery will never end.

Sunday was very welcoming, nausea was almost completely gone and the misery was now tolerable. YEA!

Today I celebrate one week since surgery by making my own breakfast and bringing it with me along with my walker to my lounge chair. I still can’t sit with my legs down for more then just a few minutes. Walking with a walker and carrying a plate made me remember that we need to get tennis balls installed in the back of the walker legs so I can just push the walker.

Getting more independent in just one week is a fantastic progress

Hint, pushing the walker on a wooden or marbled floor leaves lines, and damages the floor. We had to redo the floor in our last house, lesson learned.

Hubby going to the store to pick up pre cut balls from CVS.

In home therapy arrives today ….