I can’t believe that it’s only been TWO weeks post surgery? It can’t be. It seems more like 2 months.

Ten days post surgery I had my first follow up with the PA.  He was impressed with my progress.  The bandage came off, and I can start walking on a cane as of today. I saw my PT yesterday and she trained me on the cane.

On Sunday I wanted to jump the gun and use the cane, figuring that it’s just one day difference, why not? Well, my husband had very strong objections to that and although I love his commitment to my best being, I hated him at that moment. Actually, I didn’t hate him, I hated the fact that he was right and I had to wait just a bit longer.

I gotta be patient

I used the above tag line last week, and I had to use it again, because it still applies to me today, this week and next.  It most likely will apply for a couple of more months.

Exercising is a must

I am able to move around much easier, am off all pain killers and don’t feel that I need them…..doing my exercises 2 times per day, have increased the reps from 10-15 3x each. Walking a block up and back 2 times per day.  As I was using my walker during this second week, I was wearing out the walkers tennis “shoes” almost daily.  That only means I’m progressing well.

Icing is the key

Every time I do an activity, or I feel a little tight, I ice and it helps so much.  Before surgery I purchased 2 “Gentle Fabric Cold Compress” packs by CVS Health.  These are the best.  I used them for my last hip surgery.  After getting home from the hospital, we quickly realized, that’s not enough and husband went out and purchase 4 more. 6 total, was the right number. For the first week, I was icing almost all the time, day and night, needing to always have at least one compress frozen at all times.

Great news…..

I have graduated to a cane!!! YAY!….and it feels so good.

One more thing….

Although I am getting better fairly quickly, I need to keep my body in check. I am the kind a person that will push the envelop just enough to hurt myself. I am happy to report that with age comes wisdom and I am aware of what my body can do at this moment and am actually listening to it.  I’m talking care of my body.

Be good to yourself…..