This week has been a roller coaster.

I made great progress, then a set back for a couple of days then great progress again.

Earlier this week, I was feeling good and feeling like I was improving faster then I thought and expected, I pushed with my exercises, I did more reps and walked farther. After all….I’m a bionic woman and nothin’s gonna stop me. Then that evening boom….pain set in and both hips were hurting.

I over did!

This should not have come as a surprise. I was told not to over do, but the doctor and the PA, PT nurses and my husband.  But I know better then any one, and I am going to push and show everyone that I’m a champ!!! Well…..that’s not what happened…quite the opposite…

I was schooled

I was so surprised, disappointed and feeling beat. Feeling like I don’t need pain killers, i tired to push through. Finally, after calm insistence by my husband, I took some assistance for my pain, had a good night sleep and felt a little better the next day. I learned my lesson:

listen to my body

The rest of the week was awesome because I slowed down, iced more, took minimum, pain assistance, and now I’m moving better then ever since my surgery.  I’m using the cane, but only as slight assistance, I can even walk without it.  Having learned my lesson (let’s just hope I did), I don’t want to push walking without assistance just yet.  Let’s get the regular PT started next week and I will listen to their guidance as to when I can walk unassisted.

Sometimes, we (I) don’t know better, sometimes we (I) need to listen to others who are there to make sure we make good decisions.

Be good to yourself…..