A First Time Grandparent


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I have been and always will be a mom to two wonderful now grown children.

I have never been a grandparent, a parent to my children’s children.  Isn’t that what grandparent means?  Taking care of your children’s children and making sure they turn out right.

I am NOW a grandparent.  She has finally entered this wonderful world.  I am very happy for her, and kind of scared for her.  There are a lot of crazy things happening on this planet, but then there are also many wonderful things going on.

She has wonderful parents, they care for each other, for the environment and for others.  (We, moms to each of them, have raised them to be great loving people) That alone should be enough to keep me feeling good about her upbringing.  Right?  You would think so.  But NO!

Let me clarify that….. I am kind of a control freak.  To my defense, I have gotten much better as I’ve matured, but still have those control issues.  So, now as a parent to my children’s children, I feel that I need to make sure they are raising my GBG (grand baby girl) correctly.

This is insane!!!!!  On one hand, I claimed that her mom and dad are raised well and are wonderfully adjusted adults, and on the other hand I want to control how they raise my GBG.  Crazy …. right?

Yes, it is crazy….but as a parent to my children’s children doesn’t that give me the right to make sure they do it right? NOPE!

After all… they’ve never done this before.  How would they know what to do?

Hmmmm…. thinking here….then I hear this coming from deep within me (well, actually it’s my husband, but we won’t tell him that) “you knew what to do, you raised your children and you did a great job”

Ahhhh, yes…… feeling more relaxed now….

The only thing that I need to do is spoil my sweet GBG.  OK, I can do that and do it very well.  Now, let’s go and see this precious GBG, ’cause I’m ready to spoil her.


Becoming a Grandparent



I was never one that had to have a grand baby.  I thought if it happens that would be great, if it doesn’t that would be OK too.  I was content with life as it is now, two married children to wonderful spouses and a fantastic second marriage for me.  Life is great.

Then on Christmas, as we were all together, my son and his sweet wife announced that they are expecting a baby sometime in July.  I had no idea, not a clue and was very happily surprised.  I immediately thought it was going to be a boy.  I had nothing to based it on just my first inclination.  On the other hand, my husband suspected something almost as soon as they arrived a couple of days before they made the announcement and I was oblivious.

I thought I would start shopping for the baby the very next day, but to my surprise, the need to do that wasn’t there at all.  I was happy, but no overbearing about it.  I wondered if there was something wrong with me, as not wanting this child, being selfish, not knowing how to love etc.  But then, about 4-5 months into the pregnancy I started to feel that this new little baby, is going to be a big part of my life and I started to feel more excitement and joy for this new life.

That’s when I decided to crochet a blanket for the new baby.  At the time, I didn’t know the sex of the baby and decided to make one with a lot of happy colors. After doing some web search I found a pattern that I could just look at and replicate.  This is thanks for my mom for teaching me the basics of crocheting.  After starting it way to wide, I had to end it before it was big enough for a twin size bed.


I liked making these so much, that I contacted the local Shriners Hospital for children and offered to make them small lap blankets for their patients.  They were very happy to accept.  As to date, I have donated 12 and have 4 more to donate, with more to come.

The new GBG (Grand Baby Girl) is to arrive anytime now.  I’m waiting for the day to meet her, hold her and experience the grandparent love that everyone told me about.

More to come…..

Taking care of Business


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“Taking care of business (every day)
Taking care of business (every way)
We be been taking care of business (it’s all mine)
Taking care of business and working overtime”

You know that popular song… I bet it’s going through your head now… 🙂

What would you be doing if you weren’t working overtime?

Let’s face it, we all work overtime, OK… most of us do that.  Even when you work 8 hrs. a day, your “work” continues at home or volunteering or working out or whatever.

Do you know how to “do nothing”?  Are you capable of doing “nothing”.

Personally I can do “nothing” for about 1/2 day at the most.  After that, I’m DONE, I have do something.  Even my “nothing” is sitting and watching TV or reading or playing on my iPhone/iPad etc. That’s not doing “nothing”, I’m still doing something.  Is it even possible to do absolutely “nothing”?

If you sit in one place and stare at the wall, you are still doing something…. you are sitting and staring into to wall.  So…. is it possible to do absolutely “nothing”.

Some people would say “yes” and other’s, like me, say “no”.

I know someone who can do nothing.

Me:what are you doing

Him: nothing

Me: what do you mean nothing?

Him: I don’t know how else to explain it…. “nothing”….. what don’t you understand about that?

Me: I don’t get it

Me: what are you thinking about?

Him: nothing

Me: huh? how can you think of “nothing”?

Him: I don’t know, I just can

All I can say is that it’s the male vs female thing.

Dose it make you feel uncomfortable when someone let’s you know they are doing “nothing”?  Do you feel like you wish you could do that?  Or do you think that person is lazy for doing “nothing”?  Do we need to be doing something all the time?

What are YOU doing?


Bean Soup, My Comfort Food


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After visiting my mom I have finally learned how to make her bean soup.  It has taken me this long to learn it from her and she is 90 yrs old.  She acts like she is 65 so I have a long life to look forward to.

Since many of you have asked me to share this recipe with you, I had to start measuring because you see my mom cooks by seeing, feeling and tasting.  It’s a hand full of this, a pinch of that, and a little more and there you have it.  But this doesn’t tell you anything, so I took some pictures and measured, just for “you” so you can try making my favorite comfort food for yourself.

This is what you need:
A bag of beans 16 oz
Olive Oil

This is how you make it:

Simmer PotEmpty a bag of beans into a large pot and cover it with water about 1″ above.  Cover and boil for about 30 min.

Cup up VeggiesWhile the beans are softening and loosing their “tooting” power, cut your veggies into large chances and put aside for later.

Boiling pre cook
Boiling off the “tooting” factor
first boil done

First Boil Done

When about 30 min. is up, empty the water from the pot, rinse the beans and return to the pot.

IMG_3380Add water within about 4-5″ above the beans.  Then ad the vegetables, cover and cook on medium heat for about 1.30 hrs.


Once the beans have softened, not dead, remove all the veggies, ad about 1-2 Tbsp of Olive Oil, about 1+tsp of salt partly cover and continue simmering on medium heat until the beans are soft and melt in your mouth.

Ingredient for Roux

Roux Ingredients

IMG_3385If you have made Roux you know this goes fast and thus lack of pictures throughout the process.

Heat about 1Tbsp of Olive Oil, then add minced garlic, I add 2 large cloves, (my mom adds them whole) until they are soft, do not burn them, then quickly add 1 Tbsp flower (you may add more, depending on how much water you have left and how you like your soup, watery or dense) and about 1 tsp of Paprika.  Mix this quickly and for just a short time, about 10 sec. and dump it in the soup and stir for about 30 sec until everything is mixed well and you don’t have clumps of flower anywhere.

Then let it simmer for a few more minutes, about 10 and your soup is done.

Bowl of Bean Soup

Enjoy your bowl of Bean Soup

Recovery Day 111


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“you are walking so much better, and your surgery was when?”

In 12 days the bone growth should be complete and my new shiny titanium hip will be surrounded by my own bone.  Yes, I set a date on the reminder ap on my iPhone so I can keep track of my progress.  Now, mind you, this duration is not guaranteed, it takes 4-6 months or longer for the bone to grow and regenerate itself, but as you have learned to know me (through this blog or in person) I look for the shortest time and focus on the quickest progress.

At my 3 month check up the PA scolded me a bit.  I proudly told him that I can now walk 10K steps per day and can walk about 2 mls on my morning walk.  He looked at me and said “at one time, without stopping”?  I proudly answered “yes” then realized oh oh, this may not be a good thing.

Kenny: you should be doing that at 6 months and you are only at 3 months.  It would be better for you to walk 1/2 ml and rest then another 1/2 mile instead of all at one time.  Or, walk your 2 miles then rest the next day or two.

Me:  really?

Kenny: are you icing?

Me: no

Kenny: you need to ice especially after a long walk.

Me: OK (kind of feeling shame, but secretly proud of my progress)

Kenny: you are making a fantastic progress, just don’t want you to overdue

Me: got it, will walk with my new hip in mind and ice

Kenny:  good (with a nod and a smile)

Well, I tired slowing down as Kenny suggested, and it’s not working for me, so today, I again walked abut 2.5 miles.  I did take his advise and iced the hip after the long walk before continuing my daily routine.  BTW, Kenny did say that if I did walk 2 mls (oh, I forgot to mention that I lied to him and said only 2 mls when it was really 2.5) I should do a different routine or even rest the next day.  So, that’s what I will do, rest a bit tomorrow.

The other thing that I forgot about, just because I feel so normal and pain free is that I need to continue to massage the area to avoid scar tissue.  So, I’m on it again with my little hand massage spiky thing.

“We don’t fix your swag, we fix your pain” 

Yes, the surgery cannot fix our brain memory of how we walk, so it is unto me to keep in touch with how I walk, and keep correcting it until my brain has a new memory for my swag.

This is my last blog about my recovery from my hip surgery.  Thank you for following my progress.

Now on to other subjects ….. next blog…. Bean Soup Recipe… with pictures.



Recovery Day 50


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“you’re one of only 2 other people that can do that”

That’s what my Physical Therapist said to me.  Yup, I can stand on the bosu ball with weights and do small squats.  When I used to work out with a trainer, mind you that was a few years back, I loved the bosu ball.  I would balance on it, with bunch of weights, do squats (OK, those are not my favs, but I did them) stand on one leg and who knows what else I did.  I can see now that I can do that again and have a blast working out. ….. again.

You asked and here’s a picture of my brand new shiny hip.  I see that I will need to get a matching one soon.  Bring it….. I can do this no sweat.  But I WILL wait for when it gets cooler to do it….. remember the dreaded stockings?  😉


My Brand New Shiny Hip

And the recovery continues…….

Next: concurring the 10K steps a day without overdoing it.

Recovery Day 46


“Wow, I’m walking at a normal speed”

I took our doggies for a walk this morning and the first thing I noticed was that my stride was longer, stronger and faster.  Wow, I’m so impressed with the changes that my body is going through, and all good and positive.  This is the first day that I felt this strong to walk.  I was walking OK yesterday, but today is 100% better.  Awesome!

The recovery continues and I can expect that from now on, it will be less dramatic, but going steady towards a full and complete recovery.

My 6 Week Check up

I had my 6 week check up with Kenny, Dr. Nakasone’s PA and the first question I asked him was “Can I start wearing heals”?  Yup!! THAT was the important question that I had for him.  He smiled and said “you can start now, start with 2″ and don’t go too high after that” to which I replied “no worries, I’m way passed the stiletto heals” we both laughed….. well, I laughed, he just chuckled.

Me: “What type of a new shiny hip did I get” (yup, that’s the question that I ask now and not before the surgery)

Kenny: “Titanium”

Me: “When I’m traveling, will I set off the alarm at the airport security check point”?

Kenny: “Probably not, but if you do, just let them know you have a brand new hip, you’ll get scanned over it and that’s all”

Kenny: “Can I see your incision?…… that looks great…. you can go swimming now”

Me: “already did” (sly smile)

Me: “may I have a copy of my X-ray? My new hip looks so cool”

Kenny: “sure, I’ll print it out for you

And with that, we finished the appointment and I will see him (or Lindsay, the other PA) again in 6 weeks for a 3 month check up.

Only 77 days until the bone growth is complete around my new shiny hip.

P.S. do you want to see a picture of my new shiny hip?

Recovery Day 36 – Therapy 14


The dreaded stockings are OFF!

After consulting with one of my Drs’ staff members, one of his PA’s, I was allowed to stop wearing them al together.  Last night was the first “naked” legs sleep.  Ahhhhh it was wonderful.

I started driving solo

I’m back in the saddle again.  It’s great to be out and do the running around all by myself.

Started walking towards 10K steps a day

Walking my two little doggies, and walking on my own is keeping me within the exercise routine and outside, enjoying our beautiful neighborhood.

Getting back into the regular routine slowly, one meeting at a time, one shopping trip at a time.

Next: wearing shoes with heals


Recovery Day 31- Therapy Day 12




Today, I really want to be at 100% RIGHT NOW, POOF, just like that….. just make it happen.

BUT…. that’s not happening.

SO…. I have a great support group that gives me pep talks when I need them and today was one of those days.  I’m not depressed, or sad, or down…. just wanna be back to my original self.

OH, WAIT!!! back to my WHICH original SELF?

The one just before the surgery?

OH NOOOO, not that one.  I was in too much pain, could not wear a shoe with any kind of a heal.  Was in pain ALL the time, couldn’t sleep well, couldn’t exercise, couldn’t sit without pain or walk like a lady… NO, not that one.

The one before my hip started to deteriorate?

YES that ONE!!!  Oh, wait, that started 10 yrs. ago.  What was I like then?  I was on the go, all the time…. walking, exercising, working out with a trainer, pushing myself, wearing heals (haha) sleeping like a baby, dating and having a blast…. NO PAIN.

THAT’S THE ONE!  I wanna go back 10 yrs.

I can go back there again and I KNOW I can do it.  BUT….. I have to be patient and give my body, my new shinning hip, a chance to heal properly, so I can be myself from 10 yrs ago.  Who said you can’t go back???  I’ll show them…..

Next: Walking for 20 min.  (I have already walked for 10, then 15 and now to make it 20)



Recovery Day 29


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I am told that my “speedy” recovery is not typical, but than again, I am not your typical hip replacement patient.  Most are in their 70’s or 80’s and I am in my 50’s.  My age works in my favor, my bones are still in great shape, my muscles are in good condition, and having had the minimally evasive anterior type of surgery all are working together for such quick recovery.  Other people recover at different pace, and those that have the same type of surgery as I did, recover much quicker then with the old version of cutting from the side and breaking the hip seal from the back.

It pays to stay in shape (I’m not the best candidate for that, but I keep working on it), to keep moving during recovery, to do the exercises according to your physical therapist, to allow your body to go through the healing process, and to have a positive attitude.

I still ice after an activity, drink a lot of water, do activities outside and listen to my body.

ONE important thing to remember:  the bone that used to hold and be around the old hip, needs time to grow around the new one.  Give it time to grow, at least 4 months.  There’s a higher chance of injury during this bone regrowth time, so take it easy.

How do I feel?  Fantastic!!  I feel a little stiff when getting up to walk after sitting down for a while, but that soon goes away and I have NO pain.  NO running, NO jumping but walking is good.

I drove our car for the first time yesterday and my new hip didn’t mind it at all.

Listen to your body, listen to those around you and your recovery time will be a great success too.

I am now walking my two little doggies for the second day in a row, all the way around the block…. and it feels great!  and NO cane….. free as a bird.

Next:  New Hair….. I think I’m going to go blond.  🙂